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Frontier Mining Container

Frontier Mining ASIC Hosting


Frontier Mining provides cryptocurrency mining with a boutique approach to colocation hosting and mining as a service. The team focuses on the infrastructure and management so you can focus on the things that are important to you.

Frontier Mining leverages the the latest in large-scale mining infrastructure while working hand in hand with local governments and power generators to provide a seamless mining experience. Years of experience with everything from power development to selecting the right mining pools will all be at your fingertips with Team Frontier. 


Frontier Mining as a Service


  • Mobile Mining Containers
  • Network Switches
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Network Cables
  • High Speed Internet
  • Regular Maintenance 
  • VPN Remote Access

 Locations & Power Capacity:

  • Colorado - 45 MW 
  • Pennsylvania - 85 MW
  • New York - 3.5 MW
  • Montana - 3.8 MW
  • Calgary - Capacity varies.

Projected Capacity: 

Frontier Mining Power Development

Frontier Mining | Operation Overview from Team Frontier.